other projects

Here are some assorted projects I have worked on.

waterfet (late 2009): An attempt to build water-driven analogues of modern CMOS integrated circuitry. In collaboration with (and originally conceived by) Joshua Wise.

We fabricated an inverter and a memory cell, neither of which work very well. I suspect leaky gates and excessive friction are to blame. Here are some musings from Joshua on the idea.

mobile eye tracker (late 2009): An eye tracker that does not require the user's head to be fixed. A collaboration with Tom Jacques.

This eye tracker uses two cameras (eye camera and scene camera) to allow the head to move while still accurately indicating where the eyes are pointed. It is based largely on information available from openEyes.

This was built to track eye motion when playing video games. Here is a video of it in action.

snipe (September 2008 - December 2008): A 'C-like' compiler written in SML, retargeted to generate synthesizable Verilog. Written for CMU's compilers class in collaboration with Joshua Wise.

FireARM (December 2008 - March 2009): An implementation of a pipelined ARM CPU in Verilog from back when neither Joshua Wise nor I knew anything about CPU design.

FPGABoy (2008): A partial implementation of a Game Boy Z80 and other hardware in Verilog, on an FPGA.