Machining is an excellent skill and hobby; whether you crank handwheels or watch a CNC system sling hundreds of pounds of iron around, it is a fun and practical way of realizing your ideas. Many people now prefer to use other fabrication methods like 3D printers and laser cutters, but machine tools can produce parts with much greater precision and better finish.

In addition to machining parts for various projects, I've made some standalone pieces in a machine shop, documented here:

aluminum rubik's cube   2006

A fully functional Rubik's cube in 6061 aluminum.

stainless steel rubik's cube   2012

Another cube, this time in manually-machined stainless steel.

alumine avian   2013

A sharp-looking stylized bird sculpture.

sound-tron: experimental whistle   2009

An unusual magnetron-inspired whistle.

medallion   2012

A decorative medallion for a messenger bag.

grading stamps   2011

Grading stamps for CMU's operating systems class.